Welcome to the new Futurespective Music website!


Dear visitors, a lot of work has been done and now it’s time to reveal a project which I have high hopes for. The new website is now ready! So let me say a few words for the beginning.

What is the idea of this site and what does “Futurespective music” mean? Futurespective is not about commercial or mainstream music. This must be stressed at first. The goal is different. The idea is to promote sound experiments which are on the edge of drum and bass and dubstep music. These genres tend to be inter-connected with other ones. For example, we can meet connection of drum and bass with ambient or psytrance. Todays scene shows that there is still a lot of space for imagination and influences. So this is the direction I would like to go in.

We all know that a lot of rubbish is on the web. Therefore, I think it’s very important to have some reliable places where you can find inspiration. I hope that Futurespective website will be one of these places. Sure, it will need some time until some new music is released and more people involved in this project. But we do not need to hurry :)

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