Music update from Johney


We have entered to the new year. There are some activities and music releases planned in the near future, but before we tell you more, there is one music update. Just before the end of the previous year, Johney has given away his “XMAS 2013″ EP which consist of 2 dubstep and 2 drum & bass tunes. It can be downloaded for free but if you want to support his effort, you can make a donation through his Bandcamp page. If you like a lot of sub bass and oldskool jungle beats, you should really check it out.

We have also added Johney’s dubstep track called “553″ and his dubstep DJ set “August 2013 Quickmix” to the Music page. These have been released for free during the 2013 and now they’re also available here. Listen and enjoy!

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